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Mystery Teas

Looking for a unique, fun way to entertain? 

Host a tea party! Solve a mystery!



Impress your friends by hosting a unique and fun mystery tea party! 


Every guest has a role to play, a unique and humorous identity, and a script to follow.  Lots of laughs along the way as you solve a mystery while enjoying tea.
        The mystery theme plans are written for eight guests, but can be done with large groups as well.
        These mysteries are popular with friends and families, women's groups, and tea parties.

  This is a new, fun, interactive party that your guests will love.  Be the first in your group to entertain in this unique way.  Perfect for Red Hat groups too.


I can host this party for you…

 and will take care of all the details including the menu, invitations, name cards, costumes, etc.


Host it Yourself!

If you choose to host it yourself, you'll receive everything you need to host a very special occasion for your friends.  The package will include easy to follow hostess instructions, scripts, invitations, name tags, place cards and helpful hints to make your event most successful.  Everyone has a role to play, a unique identity, and a script, but only one of you is guilty! 


Choose from these fun mysteries:

Who Killed the Darling Duke of Darjeeling 
Sherla Combs and the case of the Great Jewel Robberies

The Bodacious Babes of Buzzard Bend

Who Killed the Roving Romeo of the Red Feather Ladies?

The Red Feather Ladies Aboard the S.S. Titantica

The Revenge of the Red Feather Ladies – A One Act Play

Who Stole The Joy From Christmas

Descriptions are at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.     What if I want to have more than 8 people attend my mystery party?

           The mystery parties work very successfully with larger parties too.  Many clubs and other groups have done them with as many as 50-80 attending.  Guests that do not have roles to play can still enjoy the humor and antics of the role playing characters.  They can ask questions, ad-lib remarks, etc.  At the end of the party, everyone gets to vote as to who they think is the “culprit.”  Everyone gets involved.

Maxine attended a ladies golf club luncheon when they did one of the mysteries.  All the “characters” arrived at once, making a grand entrance.  They paraded into the dining room, in costumes and wigs, causing quite a sensation.  The Hostess set the stage for the mystery, and one by one at various times during the luncheon, the “characters” came up to the microphone and told their story.  Then at the end, everyone voted.  It was very successful.

            Another way to do it for a very large group is to have the role players sit at various tables scattered throughout the dining room.  Then at the appropriate time, they stand and give their story from their table.  They stay “in character” all the time they are at their table, answering questions from the other guests. 

2.      How long does a party last? 

            The mysteries are designed to take place during the serving of a tea party or lunch.  I suggest 3 parts to be given during scones or salad, 3 during the main entrée, and 2 during desert, followed by the voting.  This usually takes about one and a half hours. 

3.     Are the Red Feather Lady mysteries just for the Red Hat ladies? 

            No.  Any group of 8 ladies can do them.  The only requirement is that they have a red feather in their clothing, hat or accessories, as they are all members of the Red Feather Ladies Investment Club. 

4.   A one-act play is $20.00 and a tea party plan is $30.00 if you are going to host it yourself. If you add this service to a tea party package, it is half this price.

Descriptions of Mystery Tea Party Plans

Who Killed the Darling Duke of Darjeeling

A mystery theme party plan for 8 guests. Each guest is a suspect! (If your group is larger than 8, other guests may observe and participate in the final voting at the end of the party.) A humorous script, with costume suggestions, is sent along with the invitation to each guest. It is not necessary for them to memorize the script.
Fancy Frou Frou, Devon Shire, and Earlene Grey are joined with Lady Tipton, CEO of the Tipton Tea Co., Rose T. Cups, Paris Hall, and Lacy Frills. Each tells of their relationship with the dastardly Duke and their motive for doing him in. But of course, each one pleads their innocence. At the end of the party, a vote is taken to determine who had the most convincing motive. They then receive their "just rewards", a gift from the hostess. This is a new, fun, interactive party that your guests will love, perfect for Red Hatters too!

Sherla Combs and the case of the Great Jewel Robberies
Invite your friends to see Sherla Combs and her sidekick, Dr. Whatstone, solve The Case of the Great Jewel Robberies. Ruby Ring, a gangster's moll, Jewel Reebox, a movie star from the olden days, and Lady Diamond Worthalot, important socialite along with Goldie Locks, a sweet young thing, and Sapphire Blue, a Southern belle have all been victims of jewel robberies. Each one follows the script they receive with their party invitation to tell the famous lady detective about their robbery. At the end of the party, Sherla Combs solves the case. You'll love the twist at the end of the party, but don't give the ending away beforehand! There are scripts for 8 guests. Lady Diamond Worthalot, Jewel Reebox, Opal Winfree, Goldie Locks, Ruby Ring, Sapphire Blue, Sherla Combs and Dr. Whatstone.

The Bodacious Babes of Buzzard Bend
 The wild, wild West is the scene of this rootin', tootin' mystery theme tea party. There's a rumor that the railroad is comin' to town, a rumor started by Calhoun Cahootz, before somebody shot him. Was it Kitty Bucksome, owner of the Black Buzzard Saloon? Or Dusty Rhoades, the dance hall girl? Maybe the school marm knows a thing or two. Did Carlotta, the flamenco dancer, let her hot temper get the best of her? Calamity Joan caught Calhoun cheatin' at cards, what else did she catch him at? It couldn't be Priscilla Primstone, President of the church's Buzzard Bend Busy Bodies; or could it? Babe the Bartender knows somelthin', but she ain't talkin'! Only Sheriff Bea Lawful knows who the guilty party is among the "Bodacious Babes of Buzzard Bend."

Who Killed the Roving Romeo of the Red Feather Ladies?
The Prime Plume (President) of the Red Feather Investment Club has called a special meeting and revealed that 8 members have all been dating and planning to marry the same man! He was a swindler that planned on feathering his nest with Red Feather Investments. Now he has been found dead, shot in the heart. In his hand, he clutched a red feather. Which member of the Red Feather Investment Club double crossed the double crosser before the double crosser crossed her? Was it Betty, the prime plume? She is a retired attorney, suspicious of everyone. Was it Louise - fun loving, adventurous former cheer-leader, who waves her pom-poms (or boa) at every chance. Perhaps Charlene crossed the double crosser- don't let this shy, studious book-worm fool you. Maybe Jane - self-centered, wealthy society snob, or even Rose Ann -a naive Southern Bell could be suspect. Then there is Agnes- a controlling, strong willed spinster. Even Helen- a clumsy klutz, always dropping things and prone to accidents or Barbara-a pill popping hypochondriac could be the one. You solve the mystery.

The Red Feather Ladies Aboard the S.S. Titantica
The Red Feather Ladies cruise into a mystery tea and find there's trouble brewing out at sea. Someone's missing and can't be found, though everyone's looking all around. Who's responsible? We want to know! A Red Feather Lady? Oh no, oh no! The Red Feather Ladies Investment Club has chartered an Alaskan "Cruise into Wealth" package on the S.S. Titantica. In order to save money so they could afford to hire an investment consultant to give seminars, they have assumed some shipboard duties. Betty: President Prime Plume, in charge of Lost and Found Charlene: Activity Director Jane: Napkin Folding Coordinator Helen: Deck Chair Coordinator Barbara: Publicity and Antacid Consultant Rose Ann: Dining Room Table Conversation Director Glenda: Table Decorations & Ice Sculptures Director Agnes: Silverware Count Coordinator The disappearance of an important passenger gives everyone on the S.S. Titantica a sinking feeling. This calls for scrutiny on the bounty!

The Revenge of the Red Feather Ladies 
A One Act Play This is to be presented as a theatrical production on a stage. It does not include invitations, name tags and place cards. Six women, all members of the Red Feather Ladies Investment Club discover they are all engaged to the same man! The gigolo was planning on feathering his nest with those red feather ladies investments. What to do? They will get their revenge. Each one, in her own unique and humorous way, comes up with a plan to teach the roving Romeo a lesson. A twist at the end of the play reveals a surprise motive. Perfect for Red Hat groups. Requires seven women. The setting is a tea room.

The Decadent Housewives of Hysteria Lane
Who killed the neighborhood troublemaker before the troublemaker made trouble for the troubled neighbor? That's the mystery these housewives are desperately trying to solve. It seems that each one of them had motive to want to see Elaine killed, but who is the guilty one? That is what the Police want to know. Was it: Dee, the compulsively neat housewife? She's always cleaning and wiping things; did she wipe out Elaine? Betsy seems to be a well-meaning neighbor. However, she is clumsy, forgetful and accident prone. Sometimes her good intentions go astray. Far enough astray to kill? Sue Ann is a flashy dresser. She's "not to bright" and jealous of Elaine. Was she smart enough to plot a murder? Jeanette is a harried, worn out mother of five children. She is very tired, and has difficulty staying awake. Did sleep deprivation drive her to a desperate act of revenge? Ruthie is forever dropping things, bumping into people, falling down, etc. Se resented Elaine for making fun of her. Did she bump her off? Mrs. Pulaski is the neighborhood gossip. She keeps her cell phone on her at all times. Can she talk her way out of being a suspect? Eve is a real estate agent. Hysteria Lane is her favorite territory. Did she want to list Elaine's house bad enough to kill for it? Abby is a pretty model, in competition with Elaine. Did she decide to get rid of her rival and have top billing for herself? Join the Decadent Housewives of Hysteria Lane for tea and solve this laugh filled mystery.

Who Stole The Joy From Christmas
What better way to share your Christian faith than with a Christmas tea? Invite your friends to put aside the hectic frenzy of preparing for Christmas and focus on the real meaning of the celebration. Each guest receives a script to follow, humorously lamenting over their busy holiday schedules. Then they are reminded of the "reason for the season". This tea party could be done in a home or restaurant. It also lends itself to be done on stage, perhaps at a women's church program. Instructions, scripts, invitations, place cards and name tags are all included.

*I partnered with Maxine’s Mystery Tea Parties and was granted permission to post
these mystery tea party packages, to host and to sell.